Congratulations on being chosen for the District 1 Middle School Honor Choir!  I am honored and excited to be conducting this group.  Please take the time to download and PRACTICE with the practice tracks provided here.  Your enjoyment of any honor choir event is directly related to your preparation.  Our goal is to be fully memorized for the performance.  The more work you put in before we meet, the more likely we'll accomplish that goal.  I can't wait to meet all of you and discover the amazing music we can make together!!

Tenors and Basses - some of the music only has one part for you and it'll be called Baritone.  Make sure you know which part you're singing on which songs.

To download all tracks for your voice part at once, save the zipped folder to your device and extract the files to your music folder or iTunes. You'll be able to play them whenever!

Tips on practicing...

  1. Start by listening to the tracks that have your voice part the loudest (not the "master" tracks).
  2. The first few times you listen, don't try singing. Just follow along WITH the sheet music in front of you.
  3. Once you have an idea of how the song goes, use the forward and back buttons on your media player to practice singing small chunks at a time, not the entire song.
  4. You'll quickly figure out which sections and songs are more challenging.  Practice those more than the others!
  5. Once you're comfortable with your part, start practicing with the master tracks on which all parts are equal.
  6. See if you have any of it memorized!

To stream individual tracks, click the audio below.  If you are on a portable device, be sure you are using WiFi and not cellular service.  Some of the songs were recorded with a not-so-good microphone and have some loud bumps in them.  My apologies.

On this track, the soprano will play in the left channel and the alto will play in the right channel.


On this track, the soprano will play in the left channel and the alto will play in the right channel.


If you lost the form to show your director that you've been here, you can download and print another copy here...